Nearshore GI at Scapa/Hatston

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Orkney Islands Council

Client Representative


Arch Henderson LLP

Site Operations


October 2021 – April 2022

Project Summary

Causeway Geotech were appointed by Orkney Islands Council to carry out a nearshore ground investigation for the provision of geotechnical and environmental information to characterise ground conditions at the proposed development of Hatston Pier and deep-water quay at Scapa Flow.

The construction of the development required investigation of the superficial soils and bedrock geology to progress the design and construction of the pier development for Hatston Pier and the new deep-water quay at Scapa Flow.

Siteworks were carried out under the supervision of Site Engineers from Causeway Geotech who liaised with the Client’s Representatives to ensure all aspects of the works were completed safely and as per the project requirements.

We liaised with the local council and harbour office along with the local community proved invaluable to coordinate works and barge moves ensuring a safe working practice were adhered to.

Project Scope

over water boreholes by sonic drilling and Geobor S wireline coring

wash probes by sonic sampling

surface sediment sampling by Van Veen