Newry Southern Relief Road

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March – June 2019

Project Summary

Causeway Geotech were appointed by the Department for Infrastructure through the  via the Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) under the Pan Government Collaborative Framework Agreement for Geotechnical Site Investigation. They were to carry out ground investigation works for provision of geotechnical and environmental information to characterise ground conditions along the route of the proposed Newry Southern Relief Road.

The scope of works included:

  • 25 boreholes by cable percussion boring, 15 continued into rockhead by Geobor S wireline coring
  • 7 boreholes completed by rotary methods only
  • Televiewer in 7 boreholes (both acoustic and optical)
  • 34 trial pits by excavator including 19 CBR by DCP tests, 2 hand dug trial pits in verge of carriageway


Both gas and groundwater sampling took place at the site as well cone penetration tests and dynamic sampling.

Works were carried out by an extensive site team consisting of 9 drilling rigs and 3 full time technical staff to allow the timely progression of the design of the proposed Relief Road and a factual ground investigation report was complied.

The primary focus of the investigation was determining rockhead level for the Newry River and Newry Canal crossing and providing information for the embankment cut and fill operation along the proposed route.

Site crews encountered some areas of difficult access including borehole locations both on steep side slopes and third party operated public rights of way.  Through careful planning and cooperation with landowners and local councils the works programme was complete on time and on budget.

This was an important high value linear infrastructure project giving the company good exposure within the local market.

Project Scope

by cable percussion boring

standpipes for gas and groundwater sampling

hand dug trial pits