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Hello, I’m Matthew Gilbert, an Associate Geologist and Data Manager at Causeway Geotech and I wanted to share a few things I have been working on so far in 2024.



Although I typically devote most of my time to project management, this year I’ve set aside more time than usual to focus on the “data management” side of my role.

One of the significant undertakings has been the implementation of new configurations for our geotechnical data platform. My aim is to be among the early adopters of the AGS 4.1.1 data format, ensuring we’re ready when clients and consultants ask for it. Although the framework has been provided by our software providers (Bentley Systems), the implementation has afforded us a rare opportunity for in-house testing in a sandbox environment. This means a re-evaluation of our data capture, processing, and reporting methods.

On data acquisition, I’ve been looking to utilise the Data Collector app to capture more information, facilitating our transition to a fully paperless workflow on site. At the other end of the process, Eoin Lundy has been helping to develop reporting outputs for this new data. Additionally, I’ve been collaborating with Chris Anderson and Matthew Graham to explore tools aimed at enhancing and speeding up the analysis of results.

My involvement in Cone Penetration Testing (CPT), an increasingly important aspect of our industry, has continued periodically. Much of the CPT data processing and interpretation is handled by Niamh Webb and Chris Anderson. My focus has been on developing tools to efficiently convert this data into the AGS format.




As someone who has been knocking around Causeway Geotech for longer than I care to admit, I’m often involved in the training and mentoring of new recruits. Sometimes I also get roped into providing external training sessions. Within the past two months, I have presented at a consultancy in Derry, and conducted a session for students at Belfast Metropolitan College alongside Chris.


With my geologist hat on, I also spent several days assisting the core logging team complete a detailed review of core for one of our Marine contracts where the Client had some very particular requirements. This gave me an opportunity to get hands-on with some core for a change – it’s good to keep one’s eye in!

Those of you who have visited our HQ recently will have noticed the ongoing improvement works. This has made life a little more complicated (to put it mildly) for our team in the core lab, so shout out to Corey Simpson who has been working patiently to ensure all the core is properly stored and catalogued.


Aside from all that, I have continued to manage the usual varied assortment of ground investigation projects for windfarms, school/amenity sites, a flood alleviation scheme, industrial sites, and a bunch of housing developments.

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